Madhura Deshpande
Madhura Deshpande
Behaviour Consultant
at Momentum Learning Services

Madhura Deshpande has been a practitioner of applied behaviour analysis (ABA) since 2007, currently working as a Behaviour Analyst/Behaviour Consultant at Momentum Learning Services.

Madhura has assisted with designing the coursework for Masters in Education (Applied Behaviour Analysis) that is delivered by Monash University (Melbourne, Australia). She is also an Associate Lecturer for the same course. 

In 2009, she was headhunted to Join the Lizard centre. She has since gained training and education within the field. Madhura currently holds a BCBA credential along with a Masters in Applied Behaviour Analysis and Autism from Sage Colleges New York.

Madhura’s current interests and expertise include conducting comprehensive skills and function-based assessments, programming for functional living skills for high needs adults as well as children aged 6-16 and working with children in varied settings such as their homes, schools and community.

All her programming for functional living skills are individualised to the client and their surroundings and is guided by skills assessments. Parents, stakeholders and other carers are then trained on the delivery of the treatment plan.

Madhura has also conducted brief functional analyses for problem behaviour and designed function-based behaviour intervention plans. The majority of Madhura’s experience in this field is individuals with autism. She has also worked with children who are diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Downs syndrome, agenesis of the corpus callosum, chromosomal translocation (12 and 17) and ADHD. She has worked as a part of multi-disciplinary teams, alongside psychologists, speech pathologists and educators to provide the best and consistent service to her clients.

One of the main aims of Madhura’s programs is to provide environmental enrichment around an individual with a high support needs, to teach them independent living skills, develop a sense of fulfilment and to assist them to contribute as a member of their family and community.